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Product Description

NoiseBreak Acoustic Insulation

NoiseBreak® is a high density acoustic insulation, specially engineered for walls and ceilings in residential and commercial buildings. NoiseBreak® acoustic insulation is the ideal solution for those seeking a peaceful indoor environment. The acoustic wall insulation particularly protects building occupants from the external noise pollutants outside of the building, on top of reducing domestic sound transfer between the spaces within a building.
With our effective acoustic solution, the building occupants can now enjoy better privacy without having to suffer from the consequences of  a loud TV or traffic noises!

Revolutionary SensiTouch® Technology

Formaldehyde has traditionally been used as part of the ingredient in glass mineral wool insulation. Although there is no health risk associated with the conventional ingredient, formaldehyde at a higher level may cause irritation and allergic reaction. NoiseBreak® insulation incorporates SensiTouch Technology, an innovative new binder that integrates a natural anti formaldehyde ingredient and has an ultra-low volatile organic compounds, creating a safer and more pleasant installation process.

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Breaking the Noise Disturbance

Noise pollution is a growing problem across major cities, an invisible danger for the health and well-being of urban dwellers. Being subjected to prolonged noise distractions not only reduces your productivity, it can cause a variety of illnesses including ear discomfort, cardiovascular diseases, stress and sleep disturbance.

Although there are different sources of noise related with people activities and machinery, road traffic is the most prominent urban noise. Domestic indoor noise such as an obscenely loud TV or next doors late-night parties, can seriously affect your quality of life by disturbing your sleep patterns and denying your mind the opportunity to recuperate from a full day of tolerating these noises.

Achieving Acoustic Comfort

Soundproofing works by adding extra obstacles which sound waves must travel through, reducing the energy of each wave until it is inaudible or dampened to an extent that it is barely audible. Having glass mineral wool installed within the internal partitions of your home gives you the ability to block internal and external sound transmission from one room or area to another.

NoiseBreak® acoustic insulation is designed mainly as an excellent sound absorber in order to create a quieter, healthier and a more conducive living space.

Advantages of NoiseBreak

• Excellent acoustic and thermal performance
• Firm friction fit and soft to touch
• Hypoallergenic
• Eco-friendly product
• Non-combustible


Acoustic Performance
NoiseBreak® acoustic insulation delivers a high level of sound absorption performance, with various Rw/ STC rating. Essentially, the higher the Rw / STC rating, the more noise is being absorbed for an enhanced acoustic comfort. To achieve optimum noise reductions, NoiseBreak®R2.7 with sound resistant plasterboard and resilient isolation clip is recommended.

Thermal Conductivity
Tested and complies with ASTM C518 at 23°C mean temperature. Please refer to the product range table for more information on the thermal resistance values.

Fire Safety Properties
NoiseBreak® acoustic insulation is a non-combustible glass mineral wool, contributing to the fire safety of the insulated building.

Health and Safety
NoiseBreak® is manufactured using bio-soluble formulation. Bio-soluble fibers have been extensively researched and proven to have no long-term health risks for the building occupants.

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